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Auction Excitement at David Wright’s fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters
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Fox Art Auction
Benefit Auction – Ed Trask
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Benefit Auction – Ed Trask

Ed Trask

Justin Swisher works the crowd at a fundraising auction for Fox Elementary School, selling a work of art by one of Richmond’s coolest and most original artists, Ed Trask.  This is a great fundraising idea for your next benefit auction.

Benefit Auction

Benefit Auction

Ed Trask Painting

If you have a great local talented artist, like Ed Trask (from Richmond, Va.).  It is always a great fundraising idea to procure their art and sell it at your next benefit auction.

Local artist in particular get the crowd excited and they can add quite a bit of value at fundraisers.  This can be beneficial for the artist as well, as it can garner them more exposure to their art work.

Fundraising Idea

The Heads or Tails game is a good fundraising idea before a benefit auction begins.  It is a fun way to start a charity auction and motivate guests that may be hesitant to bid in a live auction. It is fun and basically a raffle with a twist and a great way to supplement your auction proceeds.

Here is a real example of Justin Swisher doing the heads or tails game.

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