Justin Swisher

Justin Swisher

Justin Swisher brings industry best practices and more than a decade behind the gavel to non-profit organizations across the country. His clients consistently exceed their goals through fun, exciting events and ask him back year after year. Justin is always honing his skills and looking for new ideas to improve the bidder experience, while helping to break fundraising records for worthy causes.  He is honored to be a part of this important work.

The Swisher Auctions team is comprised of carefully selected, highly-trained fundraising professionals. They are committed to learning from each event and from each other to make every night better than the last. Offering a full breadth of consulting services and careful guidance, from selecting a venue to item pickup, Swisher Auctions is dedicated to their partners’ success. Since 2005, the team has helped to raise more than $130,000,000 for a wide range of charitable endeavors.

Associate Auctioneers

Brian Pontius

Brian Pontius developed a love for the bid growing up in his uncle’s auction business. In 2009, he picked up his own gavel and now conducts many auctions throughout central Virginia. Brian’s electric personality and ability to connect with an organization and their supporters help his clients consistently exceed their fundraising goals. He has been on the Swisher Auctions team for over a decade, conducts over 30 non-profit auctions annually, and appreciates the opportunity to assist a variety of important missions.

Brian Pontius

Myles Eglevsky

Myles Eglevsky was introduced to the auction world in 2009 by participating in high end auctions.  This experience cultivated an interest which eventually opened the door to find the opportunity in helping charitable causes.  Auspiciously, Swisher Auctions provided that opportunity that he was seeking.  Since joining Swisher Auctions, Myles has developed and energy and enthusiasm that is focused in excitement and dedication to the fundraising industry.

Myles has found passion and purpose in helping to ignite enthusiasm on the floor for benefit auctions that are vital to an organizations cause.  His perennial contribution to Swisher Auctions aids in any organization’s campaign. Myles has assisted in countable auctions as a floor auctioneer and takes pride in providing positive energy and support to create an up-beat crowd excited to partake in the fun that auctions bring to any event!

Myles attended the University of South Carolina, and traveled extensively thereafter.  With a motivating spirit he loves to get involved in various projects where his creative insight contributes to the vision’s growth! 

Ben Svonavec

Ben Svonavec is a professional auctioneer whose charismatic and melodic chant has wowed audiences over the last ten years. Ben is a 2010 graduate of the Worldwide College of Auctioneering. Upon returning from auction school, Ben quickly developed a name for himself among his fellow auctioneers.

In August 2013, Ben won the coveted title of Virginia State Champion Auctioneer. He served as an ambassador for the Virginia Auctioneers Association throughout the state and the Mid-Atlantic. In 2020 Ben was honored to be named the Pennsylvania State Champion Auctioneer, at the 72nd Annual Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association Convention. Svonavec brings a dynamic flavor to any auction environment. Ben engages fundraising audiences around Pennsylvania and Virginia in addition to serving as a luxury real estate and automobile auctioneer for Manheim Auto Auction. It is evident, he simply loves what he does! He resides in Somerset PA and has been a part of the Swisher Auctions team for six years.

Ben Svonavec- Benefit Auctioneer

Linford Berry

Linford Berry from a young age Linford was fascinated by auctions. After spending over a decade behind the microphone as a pastor and teacher he transitioned to auctioneer. Now he enjoys assisting non-profits in promoting their mission through fundraising and benefit auctions. Linford has conducted hundreds of auctions all across the country and is known for his engaging personality and clear, rhythmic auction chant.

Linford is a champion auctioneer winning the 2022 Mid Atlantic regional auctioneer contest and the coveted Virginia State Champion Auctioneer in 2023. He has served on the board of directors for the Virginia Auctioneers Association and as an ambassador for the National Auctioneers Association.  He holds multiple professional designations from the National Auctioneers Association and is a graduate of the Certified Auctioneers Institute held at the University of Indiana Bloomington.

Linford Berry