Fundraising Pro Tips

Consignment Items

Picking the right items for your benefit auction is key. 

We have had success with these items in Italy and Bali, as well as some of these items.

Items for Benefit Auction- Blog ideas

Bid Cards

They are must if you want to achieve success during a live auction.  Make sure you use a large font size and a bold print.  Don’t try and get fancy.  They must be spotted easily in a big crowd.

Benefit Auction

Live Displays

Display your live auction items before the live part of your benefit auction begins.  Get your bidders excited to bid in advance.  Prepared bidders make better bidders!

Light Wands

You will raise more money if you can quickly spot your bidders in a large crowd.  Have your volunteers use light wands during the auction.  It can be difficult to spot bids in a large room with tons of people.  Our ring men use this style of light wands.  You can find them here

Benefit Auction

Mobile Bidding

Take time to pick the right mobile bidding partner.  It can have a huge impact on the funds you raise.   We partner with the following companies.